About Dave Wilbert

Dave Wilbert is a forward-facing traditionalist with a deep appreciation of the clever, relatable lyrics that defined ‘90s Country. For his current country debut, the ardent outdoorsman from Fernvale, TN, has assembled a creative team that contributed to the emergence of ‘90s Country and contemporary hits including producer/songwriter Kerry Kurt Phillips, the co-writer of Tim McGraw’s smash “Down On The Farm.” Like his musical inspirations, Wilbert is drawn to good stories because he has lived so many. His sound is a fusion of the music he heard growing up in North Vernon, IN, including classic country and folk music favored by his schoolteacher parents and the rock icons popular with his three brothers. His journey has been longer than expected, but his motivation has remained steadfast: “My all-time favorite song is Hank Williams Jr’s ‘A Country Boy Can Survive.’  I loved it because I lived it,” said Wilbert.  “ Music to me is sharing the stories of everyday life and everyday people.  Good honest music; it’s not more complicated than that.”